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In the Book of Jonah, Why Did God Send Jonah to Nineveh?

In the Book of Jonah, Why Did God Send Jonah to Nineveh?


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Siege of Nineveh and Ancient Libraries of Mesopotamia Documentary

Surrounded by war and nearly forgotten to time, the crumbling ruins of the cities of Nineveh and Babylon may hold some of the most incredible secrets of the ...

Nineveh and the Archaeological Evidence

In 19th century Victorian Britain, incredulity towards the Bible had begun to set in bringing the Bible's historicity into question. In the 'Post-Age of Enlightenment' ...



3D Digital Art Ancient Nineveh - Ashurbanipal, Assyria

Ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh shown in almost real-time (in modern day Iraq, Assyria Regional Governorate)

8203 - Assyria Part 1 - Jonah and Nineveh - Francois DuPlessis

For more lectures please visit: http://amazingdiscoveries.tv/c/249/Archaeology,_the_Bible_and_Prophecy/ http://amazingdiscoveries.tv/media/1988/8203/ ...

E.S. Posthumus - Nineveh

Track nº1 - Antissa Track nº2 - Tikal Track nº3 - Harappa Track nº4 - Ulaid Track nº5 - Ebla Track nº6 - Nara Track nº7 - Cuzco Track nº8 - Nineveh Track nº9 ...

Hanging Garden at Nineveh: the Assyrian World Wonder later attributed to Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon

We are encouraging people around the world to participate in this project. I have met many people in both Babylon and the UK who are interested to be part of it.

Wickedness in Nineveh, The Repentance and JONAH


Assyrian prayer -Malkat Nineveh -baothat Ninevaye


Pompi – Nineveh Ft. Tim

Pompi – Nineveh Ft. Tim.



Babylonian Spaceship in Nineveh


Nineveh of Assyria and Sennacherib

This is a video of Nineveh of Assyria and Sennacherib.

Nineveh's Repentance -- YE

Nineveh got mercy from TMH.

Ruins of Nineveh in Mosul

U.S. Soldiers, civilians, and United Nations representatives visit the Ruins of Nineveh in Mosul, Iraq, Nov. 22, 2008. Nineveh is the fourth capital of the Assyrian ...




This is the son of Co-Pastors CE and Dalitia Spaulding of Revival Center House of Prayer in Tulsa, OK where the founding pastor and overseer was the late Dr.

Flyover of the ancient citadel at Nineveh

Animated flyover of the ancient citadel at Nineveh (modern Mosul, Iraq) showing the site during the 7th c. BCE, with focus on the citadel buildings of the Kuyunjik ...

Nineveh, Capital of Assyria

Nineveh, Capital of Assyria Song by Evin Agassi - Famous Assyrian Singer.

Ninevah Excavation film

The footage (at present) has been attributed to Nineveh excavator Reginald Campbell Thompson (1876-1941), a British Assyriologist, epigrapher and ...

Nineveh (feat. Tim)

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Nineveh (feat. Tim) · Pompi · Tim Become ℗ 2018 Atmosphere Enterprise Released on: 2018-03-28 Auto-generated by ...

موسيقى نينوى الشهيرة Nineveh, the famous music

تعتبر موسيقى نينوى اول سيمفونيه عالمية Of the oldest symphonies in the world music Nineveh Iraq.

HART221 20111011 LECTURE06 Layard and Nineveh


History of Battle - The Fall of Nineveh (612 BCE)

In this video I explain the incidents surrounding the Fall of Nineveh, in which a combined army of Medes and Babylonians conquered the Assyrians.

Men of Nineveh

Could the repentance of Nineveh be a type of the Elect coming out of Tribulation? Let's examine. Please click on the following link to view the related study ...

Nineveh music حرائق نينوى

حرائق نينوى هي معزوفة موسيقية سيمفونية اشتهرت مؤخراً، ويُختلف حول مؤلفها، حيث يقول البعض بأنها مقطوعة موسي...

Hanging Garden of Nineveh


Why Did God Care Enough About Nineveh to Send Jonah in the First Place?


Jonah And Nineveh | Stories of Jesus | New Testament | Bible For Children | Holy Tales Bible Story

Jonah And Nineveh! Grand Old Holy tells us the story from Book of Kings Jonah 3:1-4, of how Jonah followed the order of God and saved Nineveh from ...

EARTHQUAKE 2017 is Next | Prophetic Parallels between AMERICA & NINEVEH in End Times

There was a \

Nineveh to Nashville

Don Frost uses recently released Spirit of Prophecy writings to reveal a judgment that will fall upon Nashville. This presentation is exciting and frightening at the ...

Prophets and Kings 22 Nineveh That Great City

Beginning with King Solomon, this book recounts the stories of great men and women of the Bible who lived from his reign to the first advent of Jesus Christ.

Caveman2Cosmos Library of Nineveh

I've just uploaded the video because I like the song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All rights to the creators of C2C, the ...

Nineveh Responds (Jonah 3)

Recording Date: 2016-06-12 Speaker: JB Bond, Th.M (Senior Pastor) Topic of Study: Book of Jonah Description: Jonah proclaims to Nineveh of the coming ...

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